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In approximately 2005 trampoline parks reemerged with Sky Zone and Sky High leading the way. With history repeating itself, trampoline park deaths and injuries returned. As Sky Zone and other trampoline parks added locations, the number of persons ending up in ERs and being admitted to hospitals soared. So much so, that multiple doctor’s groups around the world have taken notice and published injury studies to raise the alarm that trampoline parks are dangerous.

There are close to a 1,000 trampoline parks in the U.S. with new locations opening all the time. The names may differ, but the hidden dangers are present in every trampoline park. Deaths and injuries have not prompted trampoline parks to make themselves safer. It would be a start if trampoline parks set a minimum age of seven (7) years old, ban flips, separate the trampolines, and offer qualified skill assessment, progressive instruction, and supervision. Trampoline parks have rejected these suggestions because it would hurt revenue. Even worse, as trampoline parks evolve, they put aside safety concerns and compete for customers by introducing more and more attractions, such as performance trampolines, dodgeball, basketball dunk, basketball courts, climbing walls, zip lines, rotating beams, foam pits, air bags, warp walls, ninja courses and the like, which crowd the trampoline beds, distract the jumper from landing safely, or require advanced maneuvers, causing deaths and injuries to climb at an even faster rate.

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    Jacqueline L.

    Mr. Chazen is a first rate attorney. After my son and I suffered major injuries and loss following a car accident, he made the entire process as easy and comfortable for us as possible. He insured that we were always aware of the status of our case, yet was not invasive in any way. His result was a maximum settlement allowed. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.

    Kathleen W.

    David Chazen, Esq., represented my husband and me after a car had knocked me down causing serious injuries as I was walking across the street. The insurance companies demanded depositions, as well as various doctors' visits of their choice, but Mr. Chazen was very thorough in keeping me informed and preparing my case. He gave me clear directions about what I might do, and responded to them and to me promptly every step of the way. We are unhappy that I was hurt but are completely pleased with the settlement which we could never have gotten but for Mr. Chazen. We most highly recommend him.

    Edgar C.

    I had a case where I was involved in a motorcycle accident that got complicated because during the term of the claim the other party's insurance company went bankrupt soon after the deposition. It was then necessary to start the process again going after my insurance companies and the the State of NJ to obtain the compensation that was due to me based on the settlement. Mr. Chazen was able to obtain the full amount of the settlement by bargaining between the insurance companies and the State. Although the process took longer than it would have due to the car driver's insurance company bankruptcy, I'm extremely satisfied with the way he handled the unexpected situation and how everything turned out. I highly recommend his services.

    Dan D.

    After speaking with David to represent me in my accident litigation he outlined the feasibility of my case, what I could hope to recover, the procedure he would follow and the fact that he would work on a contingency basis regarding his fee. Everything unfolded exactly as he said it would. He was sympathetic to my injury through the entire process and I was happy with the settlement he was able to get for me. I would highly recommend working with him should you have an unfortunate incident requiring a lawyer for this sort of litigation.

    Nadine D.

    I first saw David Chazen on the big screen at the movie theater where he was advertising his "one-on-one" commitment to his clients. When I fell on the ice and broke my hip, I immediately thought to hire him to handle my case. He actually came to the hospital and sat with me to hear my story. David was extremely thorough in his investigation of my situation, and although it took two years for the case to be settled, David managed to get me over six times what the insurance people wanted to pay. I hold David Chazen in high regard and would recommend him to anyone needing help.

    Chris K.

    Mr. Chazen helped me with two cases. One of the cases was quite difficult because he did not have auto insurance and was not willing to pay for the damage he caused. It took little more than a year, but I was very satisfied with the result. I would recommend him to my friends. This is a lawyer you can trust.

    Richard L.

    Excellent personal injury lawyer. Extremely knowledge and always available to answer any and all questions. I was very satisfied with how my case was handled and would recommend David to anyone looking for a great lawyer.

    Nomaan A.

    I would recommend David to anyone in need. This was my first time getting into an accident , I had many questions and concerns. David answered all my questions and took care of everything professionally and amazingly. I am very grateful.

    Nomaan A.

    I would recommend David to anyone in need. This was my first time getting into an accident , I had many questions and concerns. David answered all my questions and took care of everything professionally and amazingly. I am very grateful.

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    What are Trampolines

    Invention of Trampoline

    The trampoline was invented by George Nissen after World War II as a training device for pilots. The trampoline was adopted by the gymnastics world and was accorded respect as a powerful instrument that can kill, paralyze or maim if not used properly. For more than seventy (70) years the gymnastic community has adhered to rules for trampolines that include:

    • One person on a trampoline;
    • No jumping onto or off of a trampoline;
    • Skill assessment with progressive learning from a certified instructor so that basic skills are mastered before more advanced skills, such as aerial maneuvers, are attempted. [Instructors, not jumpers, decide what maneuvers jumpers are ready to perform].

    Backyard Trampolines / Consumer Trampolines

    Safety rules for backyard trampolines have existed for more than forty-six (46) years that include:

    • Use in a well-lit area;
    • The trampoline surface be horizontal to the floor;
    • Not recommended for children under 6 years of age;
    • DO NOT attempt or allow somersaults. Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis or death, even when landing in the middle of the bed;
    • One person on a trampoline at a time. Use by more than one person at the same time can cause serious injury;
    • Climb on and off the trampoline. Do not use the trampoline as a springboard;
    • Bounce in the center of the bed;
    • Use trampoline only with mature, knowledgeable supervision;
    • Avoid bouncing when tired. Keep turns short;
    • Learn fundamental bounces and body positions thoroughly before trying more advanced skills;
    • For information concerning skill training, contact a certified trampoline instructor.

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