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For the past 15 years Trampoline Parks have gained popularity and so has the number of trampoline park injuries. According to a 2016 study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics trampoline park injuries, as compared to home trampoline injuries, were more likely to result in hospital admission for head injury, lower extremity injury, and involve a dislocation, including open fractures (bones protruding through the skin), and spinal cord injuries. Similarly, a 2022 study in the Injury Prevention Journal concluded “… children and adolescents using trampoline centers can sustain more severe trauma with requirement for surgical intervention than children using home trampolines.”

These studies confirm the evidence we have amassed that the design and operation of trampoline parks is defective and unreasonably dangerous.

Trampoline Park Waivers
Trampoline Parks want you to believe that the waiver you signed protects them from lawsuits. This is not necessarily the case and depends on state law. In some states, the rights of minors cannot be waived. In some states, the rights of minors and adults cannot be waived if something more than ordinary negligence (gross negligence or above) can be proven. In other words, contact a lawyer, have your case evaluated, and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

If you or someone you know has suffered a trampoline related injury, contact Chazen & Chazen and we would be happy to review your case. Give us a call or text us at 201-888-5800, email, or fill out the free consultation form.