Being in an accident is traumatizing. If you have the ability, then there are steps you should take immediately that may make the difference in whether you will have a successful claim.

1. Don’t move anything until the police arrive.
2. If you have fallen, report it to someone. The police, the property owner, store manager… someone.
3. Get the names and contact information for everyone involved and any witnesses.
4. See if the accident was captured on video cameras and who it belongs to.
5. Photograph everything: Property damage, injuries, and accident scene.
6. If bruises develop after the accident, take photographs.
7. Go to the hospital and get checked out.
8. Don’t talk to insurance company representatives, let your lawyer handle it.
9. Don’t fill out insurance company forms on your own, coordinate with your lawyer.
10. If you were injured by a product, put the product away in a safe place and don’t let anyone touch it.
11. If you slipped and fell, put your footwear in a safe place and don’t let anyone touch it. Don’t wear it again.